Recruiter Advice

Top Reasons To Become A Chester Blake Consultant!

If you are considering becoming a recruitment consultant, then here are 10 reasons why you should!

1) You get given the independence and flexibility to manage your workload and organise your own desk, so it feels like you are running a business but with a big team helping you!

2) There is potential to earn some seriously big money, including your commission bonus

3) The satisfaction of closing a win. Working the recruitment process from beginning to end to land your candidate a job is thrilling, and it is especially exciting to strive towards a goal.

4) Dynamic and fast paced environment

5) Recruitment is perfect if you are a people person, as you spend all day long talking and interacting with a vast range of people – colleagues, candidates and clients alike

6) The job is never boring as every day is different, with an array of urgent tasks that all need to be actioned straight away

7) Opportunity to become an expert in your field with specialist knowledge

8) No fixed entry route so no need for fancy qualifications. Chester Blake offers extensive in-house training for our new recruitment consultants to bring them completely up to speed and ready to perform instantly

9) Access to numerous passive income & reward schemes on top of commission.

10) You don’t need a background in recruitment to become a recruitment consultant.