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Become A Home-Based Chester Blake Recruitment Consultant

Are You:

  • Looking for home based jobs?
  • Want to get out of the traditional 9 to 5?
  • Have big dreams but your current job won’t get you there?
  • Have you recently been made redundant and unsure of your long term security?
  • Want to earn more money than your current job?

Or are you thinking of going it alone to ensure you have more work/life balance and take home more of the income you generate?

If you fall into any of the above, and are looking for home based jobs? You might want to speak to us here at Chester Blake.

We have been established for over 8 years, hold a national presence and recruit across professional specialisms including HR, Accountancy, Insurance, Financial Services, Procurement & Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Engineering, Commercial and Marketing positions.

We are currently going through an exciting growth period and have opportunities available for Recruitment Professionals across the UK to work in partnership with our business, managing and operating your own recruitment consultancy within our market specialisms.

As part of this proposition, we will help you set up your own business, give you access to professional advice & support, plus give you access to all the recruitment facilities you will need to run your own successful recruitment business. You would entirely manage yourself; when you work, where you work, how you manage your desk and the revenue you achieve… but you would have the full support and recruitment tools you need to work as part of this experienced and well-established network.

Some of the companies we work with:

Did you know? Being a recruitment consultant is one of the highest-paying jobs you can get without any experience or qualifications!

What You Will Get:

Becoming A Chester Blake Recruitment Consultant

  • A specific region which comes with a large existing database of clients and candidates
  • Retain 65% of the fee from all invoices.
  • Get paid as soon as the candidate starts (and client has paid invoice)
  • Use of our candidate and client marketing systems.
  • Free advertising on multiple job boards for your roles (job adverts and CV searching)
  • Access to all of our on-line and cloud based systems
  • CV formatting service available (to save you time)
  • All of your invoicing, credit control and fee chasing done for you.
  • Access to an IT team to assist you setting up and any on-going IT problems.
  • Use of legally drawn up TOB and candidate / client documents
  • Access to marketing materials, including company brochures, stock pictures and company social media sites to promote your recruitment activity and market presence.
  • Full back-office support, including access to accountants, solicitors and other professional services.
  • Professional phone answering and message taking service for when you are not available to take calls
  • Access to our national offices for meetings – Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham, Birmingham, London and Bristol
  • Advice and guidance on the initial set up of your business, including training on all of the systems and recruitment tools.
  • Full support and ongoing advice and guidance from the Directors who have collectively been in recruitment for over 50 years.

This is a lucrative and exciting opportunity, which would enable you to work as part of an experienced and successful recruitment network, under our established and reputable brand.

What Happens After You Join?


  • Join Our Community & Engage with our other successful consultants
  • Take the included 7-day consultant training program
  • Follow the fast-track setup plan
  • Get your first clients within 30 days!


  • We build your entire business with you
  • We build your social media
  • We build your web pages
  • We provide you our systems
  • We provide you the legal contracts
  • We show you how to get clients
  • We show you how to get candidates
  • We do your admin and client Invoicing
  • We work with you 1 on 1 for 12 months to grow your business
  • All with our help & support!

What You Need:

  • Be ambitious
  • Be willing to learn
  • Want to work from home
  • Commit at least 12 months to grow and build your business
  • Want to create a better work life balance for you and your family?
  • Want to grow your business to maximum potential

How To Join:

You can sign up right now and start your business within the next 24 hours by filling in the form below or if you have any questions first, please email [email protected]


Sign-up for our program and get started with your own business!


Become a recruitment consultant with us and follow our steps!


Act fast and get going as quickly as possible to start generating income!


Be willing to start from nothing and learn everything we know!


You will have the tools and knowledge to start reeling in new clients within days!

Never Been Self-Employed Before?

Don’t Worry! We help and guide you through the entire process! And then you can finally take control of your income!

Why Being Self-Employed Is Better Than a Traditional Job?

  • Have Control Over Your Own Life!
  • The Rewards Are Yours!
  • You Get To Choose Your Own Hours!
  • You Have Full Control Over Your Income!
  • Remote Working!
  • A Better Work/Life Balance!
  • Additional Tax Deductions – So You Keep Even More Of The Money You Generate!

Our Results:

Most consultants or agency owners try growing their business through trial and error, or by ‘hoping-and-praying’… and trying to figure it all out by themselves, this is very unreliable, very stressful and ultimately often ends in failure!

We’ve spent years on perfecting what works…

And our hope is to shrink the amount of time it takes, for you to go from first-time consultant… To a high-billing, highly successful consultant in weeks, not months or years!

With our help and partnership…

Our results speak for themselves,

Laura got her first client ring her within 1 hour of opening her branch and made £1250 in commission.

Steve made £12,500 in just 6 weeks after joining! (Without any previous recruitment experience)

Paul signed 2 blue-chip companies as clients in his first 3 months!

John made £4400 in commission on his 2nd week after joining Chester Blake!

We could easily fill up this entire page with success stories like this…

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive from our new recruitment consultants. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

YES! We love welcoming new people to the industry and full training/guidance will be given throughout your journey. We find that new people are generally better at following our systems because they haven’t picked up any bad habits from other recruitment agencies.

Recruitment can be very lucrative, there is no limit to what you can earn. Most of our recruitment consultants earn between £35k to £120K+ per year. The harder you work, the more you can earn! **On average we charge clients 25% of the first year’s salary for a permanent placement. For example – If you were advertising a job with a salary of £30K, We would charge the client 25% of £30K = £7,500 commission. Then you will receive £4,875 per placement. If you made 1-2 clients placements per month, this could provide a good income for you!

NO! By joining as one of our self-employed recruitment consultants, you will be working under the Chester Blake name and brand. All of our marketing material is designed and ready to use for your own purposes.

If you are interested in home-based jobs, starting your own business and becoming one of our independent recruitment consultants. You can sign up below to get started today. After you have signed up, you will receive a welcome email within 24 hours explaining the set-up process and steps to follow. A link to our training will be provided for you to start at your own pace. In the welcome email, you will also have the chance to book a conference call with our team to welcome you, explain the set-up phase and answer any questions you may have.

We ask for a small one-off or monthly fee to cover your business set-up costs, software and training. We have 3 options below. By charging a small fee, this means we only attract serious people into our network and they will be able to grow their business more successfully and much faster.

Previous experience is a bonus, as you will understand the process and industry better however it is not essential as full training will be given. Our simple step-up steps are designed to walk you through the process slowly and confidently until you are totally up to speed and feel ready to book your first client. After doing this lots of times, we believe we have the most comprehensive system out there. All we ask is that you are committed, a team player, and want to grow your business to the maximum potential.

As all of your invoicing, credit control, and fee chasing is done for you. You will get paid as soon as your candidate starts and your client has paid our invoice. We understand cash flow is very important and we always invoice clients immediately after a successful placement, we then transfer funds immediately to your bank account and notify you that your payment is on it’s way!

No! However when starting any new business, there are costs involved (training & software), We have 3 packages available which include everything that you will need, so after the initial set-up, you are ready to go! You keep 65% of the fee from all invoices. You will have access to our training, marketing materials, including company brochures, stock pictures, and company social media sites to promote your recruitment activity and market presence to generate revenue. We do offer some paid additional services to grow your business faster but these are optional and are not needed to start generating revenue. However, the minimum requirement is that you use our professional company email account – ([email protected]) We charge you exactly what Google charges us for you to have your own business email account. Currently, Google charges us £13.80 per month. Which is included in all the plans below!

Yes, we have lots of consultants who started doing this part-time then switched over to full-time once their income from us passed their current income from their previous job. We always recommend starting full-time, but we understand that some people need the security of a regular paycheck, so starting part-time might be a good option for some people.

No, we work with clients and consultants worldwide and have consultants based in a variety of countries. This opportunity allows you to be based from home, in any country. We currently have consultants in the UK, USA, Germany, Spain, France.

Start Today and Become A Successful Recruitment Consultant with Chester Blake and Have An Unlimited Earning Potential.

PAYG - Business Setup
Per Month
Start Your Business With The Minimum Investment - Upgrade As You Grow!
Everything Included:
Chester Blake Business Email ([email protected])
Legal Contracts Ready To Use - Value £500
Legal Contract Signing Software Included - Value £396
Basic Support Features (Office Hours) - Value £700
Client Management Software Included - Value £290
Group Managed Facebook Page - Value £50
Full Online Training - Value £495
Full Use Of Our Internal Job Board - Value £300
Join Now
Complete Business Setup Package
Per Month
Most Popular
Start Your Business With Everyting You Need From Day 1
Everything in PAYG Plus all this included:
Outbound Email Marketing System - Value £79 Per Month
Private Consultant Social Media Site - Value £27 Per Month
Best Prority Support From Head Office Team 24/7 - Worth £5,000
Local Webpage Built For You - Indexed in Google - Value £197
Self Managed Facebook Page - Value £125
Email Templates Ready To Use - Value £120
Join Now
Ultimate Complete Business Setup
No Monthly FEE's - Complete Business Built And Ready To Trade!
Everything in PAYG + Complete Plus all this included:
Increased Setup Speed - Faster To Earn Revenue
Enhanced Priority Support From Head Office
Paid Ads Setup & Support
Complete Package Value £7,802
No Monthly Fee's
Join Now

Enter your details to start and we’ll get you up and running within 24 hours!

We are passionate about what we do and have strong moral ethics in the way we like to conduct business, including the companies who act and operate as an independent recruitment consultancy businesses to us. All we ask? Is that you cover your small business expenses, training & software that you use! – Sound Fair Enough?

*Once we hit capacity, then we will only be able to take on employed consultants when spaces become available (which is not very often) Don’t miss your opportunity, spaces are filling up really quickly and we can only have a certain number of consultants in each area. Don’t lose your spot!

Our guarantee is – If you join today, follow everything in our plan for 12 months, do exactly what we tell you and if you fail to even get 1 client within 12 months (highly unlikely), then we will give you a full refund for the whole amount you paid for your training and software! Sound fair enough? Remember we don’t make any money also unless you do, so it’s in our best interest to help you as much as possible. Some of our clients can be worth over £7,000+ to us, so all you need is 1 client to make a decent profit.

You really have nothing to lose!

And, You Keep 65% of All Your Invoices Billed.

Join Today and Start a New Career Tomorrow!

*All monthly prices are plus VAT. No long term contracts, cancel at any time, no refunds are paid after software accounts have been set up. No future payments will be taken if the account has been cancelled. ** Results will vary depending on commitment and experience, we do not make any guaranteed income claims.

Speed up all processes!

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