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Highest Paying Jobs UK?

The highest paying jobs UK are varied, and include many different industries. In this blog post I will list the highest paying jobs in the UK, providing a brief description of each.

Finding a high paying job in the UK is not as difficult as it may seem at first. Many people do not know some of the highest paying jobs UK, or long to find a job that does not just pay well but is also fulfilling and comes with benefits. You can get all this in one job if you look hard enough for these high-paying jobs in UK.

#1 Physician

Some would say that there are no “jobs” where they can make £100,000 per year, but physicians have claimed this title. It helps that many physicians work 60 hours per week and sometimes even more than 100 hours per week, so getting the annual salary is much easier when doctors work over 100 hours each week. The physician’s job market has increased in recent years because of the demand for care; you can easily make over six figures if you are a physician and choose to work long hours.

#2 Lawyer

Lawyers are another profession that has historically paid extremely well. The law field is so competitive, however, that many lawyers have less than ideal working conditions. Many people enter law school with the idea of making large amounts of money, but few actually do due to low-paying entry-level jobs or getting laid off after having too much time off from work. If you are able to break into the higher echelon of lawyers in your area, though, it will be worth it – even for high paying lawyer salary UK!

#3 IT Director

IT directors often earn well over £100,000 per year. This is because they have such a broad range of responsibilities. Having such great responsibility and working on high-profile projects in the IT field makes many IT directors very well paid, but they also have more difficulty finding work than other professionals in the same category (such as programmers). With so much competition, it can be hard to get into this profession, especially if you want to be in charge of hiring for your company’s department. For the right IT director salary UK , though, it seems to be worth it!

#4 Physicist

Physics jobs are somewhat similar to physician jobs – many physicists work over 100 hours per week due to high demand for physics services and research products. Physics has been one of the highest paying jobs UK for a long time, if you are able to find work in this field. It is hard, but the salary is worth it!

#5 Presenter/DJ

Presenters and DJs can be paid quite well; some make hundreds of thousands of pounds per year. Getting into these professions requires career training and having skills that people want to see or hear. If you can break into one of these high paying jobs in UK, they can pay well above six figures per year. You will have to work hard though – only a few presenters actually make over £100k each year!

#6 Law Enforcement Officer (Police Officer)

Many police officers do not get paid as much as they should because their departments cannot afford it. A lot of officers have to go without raises because of the economy and their departments’ financial situations; however, many police officers are paid well enough to be in this category as it requires law enforcement training and a college degree to enter the field. While some people join the force for the wrong reasons, it is necessary for good public safety and can be worth it if you know what you are doing – and get an appropriate salary from your employer!

#7 Airline Pilot

Airline pilots can also earn over £100k per year with seniority, experience, and skills that make them better than other pilots. They must have certain educational requirements (at least 1500 hours of flying time) in order to qualify as airline pilots UK, though, and this is one of the more difficult professions to enter.

#8 Actor/Actress

Many actors make a lot of money per year but are not necessarily paid over £100k annually in salary. Most actors get much of their income from sources outside of their acting jobs. Actors who make good money generally have steady contracts that pay well or work on projects that are especially prestigious because they may have more income opportunities. It can be very hit-or-miss for an actor; some years of hard work could go nowhere while others are rewarded with lots of new work if you know how the system works and what it takes to succeed!

#9 Banker / Stockbroker

Bankers and stockbrokers often make over £100k. This is because they get paid very well for having a position of trust and authority in their companies when they help make good deals, find investors, or overall just bring in revenue from their positions. They must go through rigorous training though, so the profession can be difficult to get into depending on your economic situation. For those who are able to break into it, though, it can pay off!

#10 Dentist

If you were looking for high paying jobs UK that require only an education based on earning potential rather than experience (like being a doctor), dental school may be the road for you! Dentists in general have enough students available to them due to the large number of people requiring oral care at any given time – so if you get in, it can be a very good job for the long-term.

#11 Pharmacist

Pharmacists have to learn about how drugs interact together and receive training on dispensing medicine. Some pharmacists need even more education than others in order to fill some positions. If you know chemistry or biology – this may be your best shot at getting into a high paying salary category!

#12 CEO/president/owner of company

Some people who own their own businesses or are one of the main people running them earn over £100k annually because they get paid for their expertise and skills – especially if they start out in an entry level position and move up through the ranks. In order to get into these positions, though, you have to know what it takes and be able to sell yourself in order to keep your customers’ trust.

#13 Musician/Singer

Musicians make a lot of money per year but not necessarily over £100k depending on how popular they are or the genre of music that they perform. Usually, musicians make more from selling tickets and merchandise than they do from their performances; this can change if a band is very successful or makes a new album – so don’t quit your day job! This profession is also difficult because most musicians have to tour constantly which makes for constant travelling as well as being away from loved ones.

#14 Consultant/Freelance Work

A lot of people who work freelance or as consultants can earn over £100k because they are in high demand for their expertise – and can charge very high fees. However, it is generally difficult to get started on this road; many aspiring consultants start out low and work their way up, but others have connections that allow them to enter the field with a lot of experience already.

#15 Media/Sport Broadcaster/Reporter

Broadcasters make around £45k-£60k annually while reporters usually make much less than that. These jobs are nice if you like working in front of the camera! If not, you would know better than to consider such professions!

Information Technology Jobs UK – IT professionals who work with computers may get into computer programming or other areas where they can make a lot of money. You can get into these professions as an entry level worker or, if you have the training, you could start out higher than that! If you are computer savvy and enjoy working with machines (and have some related degrees like engineering), this may be a good choice for you.

#16 Barrister/Judge

Barristers and judges make close to £100k each year on average – but only because they have such high-stress jobs where they must work long hours every week in order to stay on top of their cases all the time! Although it can be rewarding when people who are innocent go free due to your hard work, many barristers complain about having too much court time. If you want to make the most money possible, though, you might enjoy such a high-paying position.

#17 Chartered Surveyor

These professionals earn an average of £60k-£90k each year and work in building design and planning! If you have some experience in these areas, this may be a good career move for you. It requires specialized training but many people get into it without that – which means that as long as they have the desire, they can make a lot of money!

#18 Accountant/Auditor

Accountants also earn over £100k annually; however, their jobs are generally only available in large cities (unless they decide to start up on their own). Why? Because accountants must go through very rigorous training which requires a lot of studying and they must also know all the tax laws inside and out. This job is not for the faint of heart!

#19 Civil Engineer

Civil engineers earn around £45k-£60k annually but it can depend on where they are located (and whether or not they want to be an owner in their firm rather than just an employee). These professionals are responsible for creating roads, buildings, bridges, and other structures that make up our infrastructure – without them we would have no clean water or heating/cooling. It’s serious stuff!

#20 Health & Safety Consultant/Manager

Health and safety is required in almost every company; most management positions include health and safety as part of the job. As such, health and safety positions are in high demand – although some people may choose to work directly for a company and handle health and safety issues from there (rather than starting their own business). Health and safety also require specialized training which is why most people get into this field after college rather than immediately out of school!

#21 Actuary

Actuaries make around £70k annually while freelance or self-employed actuaries can earn more because they have lower overheads. These professionals must be able to look at data that relates to areas like insurance, investments, healthcare, etc. and then use all of their knowledge of statistics as well as some financial theory to determine how much an investment will return based on new information, how much it will have to be set aside, etc. This is a very responsible job which requires know-how in many areas – whether you are working for someone else or not!

#22 Bricklayer/Plasterer

Since these workers make up the majority of people that build our houses and other structures (with some help from builders), they command high wages depending on where they are located. For instance, bricklayers tend to earn more than plasterers; however, there are also different levels of expertise within each profession that can pay less or more. Usually males dominate these professions since there’s lots of strength and heavy lifting involved…however, that isn’t stopping all of the women who want to get into these fields!

#23 Civil Servant

Civil servants make around £30k-£50k annually; however, this is just a base salary. What can increase this amount even more is if they receive bonuses for the number of hours worked or for special projects. Many people in this profession also have pension plans and other incentives that bump up their pay as well – not to mention that they likely get paid extra during Christmas and summer break (when most people are on vacation)! Government jobs are some of the best out there!

#24 Journalist/Editorial Assistant

Although being a journalist doesn’t necessarily pay the highest salaries among all professions it does require lots of hard work in order to move up the ladder. Most individuals start out by working as an editorial assistant and then work their way up to becoming a full-time journalist. While they usually make between £20k-£45k, some of those at the top do earn more than that!

#25 Financial Advisor/Stockbroker

Stockbrokers are experts in the financial world and can command large salaries – especially if they have a good track record under their belt. However, this career can be very risky since no one really knows what will happen to stocks or the economy…it’s all about speculation which is why many people choose to consult with them rather than taking out their investments themselves. Some stockbrokers even earn commission on the deals that they set up as well so their pay tends to vary quite a bit!

#26 Teaching Assistant/Trainee Teacher

Depending on where they work, these professionals can earn anywhere between £15k-£25k. However, their salaries and benefits vary depending on the type of school they work at (private vs. public) as well as other factors including how many years experience they have in education. This is a great career path for those who love working with children!

#27 Nurse/Medical Assistance

These medical care providers are usually hired by private hospitals and clinics to help out with routine activities or actually take care of ill patients; however, most people don’t get into this field right away even though it’s one of the largest employers in the world. That’s because most individuals must first complete nursing school or other formal education in the medical field before they can work as a nurse. Of course, this will cost you time and money, but it’s well worth it since nurses usually make quite a bit!

#28 Truck Driver/Delivery Person

These jobs require an individual to use their own auto (or truck) to transport goods across long distances. It is hard work that can sometimes be very stressful; however, there are also many opportunities out there for drivers who want to work independently or purchase their own vehicle – so if you have the guts for it then why not go into trucking? Some individuals even own delivery companies which means they hire others and set their own schedules…not bad at all!

#29 Accountant

Someone who works in accounting will keep track of all of a company’s finances to ensure that they are up to date and everything is handled legally. This person must be able to work well on their own (without much supervision) as many times they have massive amounts of data to go through so it can take quite a lot of time. However, since accountants usually work for major companies with large budgets then they can earn extremely high salaries! (upwards of £80k!)

#30 Legal Advisor/Lawyer

As one might imagine, these professionals deal with the law – from advising clients on what legal steps they should take if something happens to them or talking about settlements during litigation…to actually appearing in court during trials as an advocate for either party. However, most people need some sort of formal education in order to become a lawyer which can be rather costly; however, there are always paralegal or legal assistant jobs available to those who want to work in the field without going through all the schooling!

#31 Sales Representative/Corporate Sales

Many people will never consider going into sales because they don’t think they have what it takes; however, this is another career that can pay extremely well if you know how to handle yourself! In order for someone to become a corporate representative then most of them must receive certification as well as get involved within their industry so they know what’s out there…some companies even send them off to learn more about their products and services in order for them to better represent their brand.

#32 Business Analyst/Data Analyst

These are professionals who go into a company and help them improve their management of funds, accounting procedures, inventory or human resources – depending on what they need the most work done in! (In general though, it usually ends up being money-related.) They complete an analysis of an organization’s weaknesses and strengths in order to come up with strategies that will help increase sales, decrease expenses or even just keep everything running smoothly. This is one of the highest paid jobs out there but you have to be well trained and able to handle lots of data in order to become one!

#33 Sales Assistant/Sales Associate/Retail Worker

A sales assistant is someone who works for a store and is in charge of helping customers, but not necessarily making sales. In many cases they will work with the manager to ensure that products are properly displayed, people are helped in a timely manner and what-not. Many people don’t realize it but there’s a very good chance that you can make more at certain retail jobs than you would as an employee for most companies (especially if you work primarily on commission)!

#34 Account Manager/Client Services Specialist

Account managers work with clients to facilitate their needs within an organization; however, sometimes they also have to handle customer service issues that occur – such as problems or requests from their clientele. These professionals must help organize departmental resources so everything works seamlessly together as well as train staff members. It can be a lot of work, but the pay is well worth it!

#35 Marketing Manager/Marketing Consultant

They handle the relationship between a customer and a product – from finding out what types of people would like to use their service or go to their store to make sure that they are happy with how everything is going (in order for them to continue doing business there). They also brainstorm about ways to improve the reputation of an organization, design promotional campaigns and supervise other marketing agents; however, this does require an education so if you have no interest in college then I’m afraid you won’t be able to become one! (Unless you get lucky!)

#36 IT Technician/Solutions Advisor/Computer Analyst

These professionals help companies solve their problems when something goes wrong with their computer systems or there’s a major data breach. Some of them even design new software, hardware and applications – which is why it often takes such extensive education to become one! It can be a very lucrative career if you have the drive to go through all the schooling in order to learn everything you need to know; however, it’s not an easy profession so I wouldn’t suggest it for everyone!

#37 Claims Adjuster/Claims Supervisor/General Insurance Agent

They handle claims that were filed by customers who were either injured or had some type of loss involving property damage at someone else’s hand; however, these agents also use what they learned during college (usually business or finance related) in order to investigate the problem, determine who is at fault and make sure everything goes smoothly. The higher you go up in the company, the more money you’ll be making – but it can also result in a lot of stress as well!

#38 Accountant/Accounting Manager

They keep track of money for an organization through invoices (records of what purchases have been made and how much they cost), inventory counts (recording all of their products that are available), payroll reports (how much to pay the employees each week and how much they’ve paid so far into taxes) and even tax assessment forms (figuring out what people owe). This position requires a great deal of education; however, it also has a great return (as long as you keep your clients happy).

#39 Personal Banker/Personal Financial Advisor

These professionals help people manage their money by providing financial advice as well as handling things such as loans, insurance and investment opportunities. They need to be able to discern who can afford what product, when something is appropriate and how much it will cost them – so usually they take classes in business management or finance to learn more. This could definitely be one of the best options if you’re looking for a high-paying job!

#40 Business Development Manager/Financial Planning Analyst/Insurance Sales Agent

While this position is very similar to that of personal banker; however, it does require a college education because they handle investments, financial planning and even insurance sales. They work by meeting with clients and assessing their current situation to determine what the best solution is for their personal (or professional) needs. It’s definitely going to be a very profitable career if you enjoy dealing with people!

#41 Content Writer/Content Production Manager

This position requires not only in-depth knowledge of spelling, grammar and sentence structure; but also how to produce engaging content that will get others interested enough in it so they’ll want to continue reading! You need to have an understanding of what your target audience would find interesting – which usually means taking classes about marketing or advertising! This could be a very rewarding job if you know how to put yourself out there; however, it definitely requires a lot of schooling!

#42 Sales Representative/Sales Manager

You’ll need to be able to have expert knowledge about the products you’re selling – as well as how they can benefit others and why they should choose your company over the competition. It’s all about knowing your client inside and out in order to convince them that you’re the best option for their needs; however, it also helps if you have extensive education in sales and marketing. This position will definitely reward you handsomely for what you learn while at college!

#43 Civil Engineer/Structural Engineer/Architectural Manager

Regardless of whether or not you become an architect (or even use computer-aided design programs), this kind of engineer is responsible for building things and making sure that they’re going to last. This means they need to have a lot of know-how about construction materials, building designs, proper calculations and how to work with the people in charge of building sites. If you don’t want an actual degree in this field; however, some colleges do offer certification courses for it as well!

#44 Petroleum Engineer/Geoscientist

You’ll need a deep understanding of mathematics, chemistry and physics if you want to be a petroleum engineer (or any kind of geologist); however, these professionals are responsible for finding different ways to make use of natural resources such as fossil fuels or minerals! Companies will hire them because their job is essentially to keep them from running out – which can be a very lucrative career! However, it will require a lot of schooling to get there.

#45 Web Developer/Software Engineer/Programmer

While you can train yourself through online courses and tutorials; however, this kind of engineer needs specific knowledge that you probably won’t find on your own. From the latest in programming languages to working with different computer systems; these professionals need to be well-rounded in all aspects of technology! With the right degree, you can chase after some really high paying jobs!

#46 Software Architect/Big Data Engineer/System Administrator

This is another one of those jobs where businesses need special people just for them – because they have software or data that’s vital for their business (and how it operates). These jobs require someone who has a lot of knowledge about coding and database management (along with a security certificate); however, the pay is quite good if you can prove that you’re skilled enough to handle these sensitive situations!

#47 Digital Marketing Manager/E-Commerce Manager

If you’ve ever gone shopping online; read online articles or watched videos on sites such as Youtube; then, chances are pretty good that you’ve had some kind of interaction with an e-commerce manager. Their job is to create marketing plans for their company; write content for websites and search engines; oversee customer service staff and do everything else it takes to make sure people will find them when they search things on Google! Once again, this isn’t a college major per se; however, there are plenty of schools that offer certificate programs so you have the knowledge needed to make it in this field!

#48 Decision Scientist/Data Scientist

These people are essentially experts when it comes to statistics and analytics; as well as how things such as machines and other kinds of automated processes (such as website traffic) work together on a large scale. They’re responsible for figuring out ways to process data more efficiently; improving the quality of algorithms and coming up with new ways of doing business. So, if you love math or simply want a career where you get to use your brain constantly – then you should seriously consider making this your top choice!

#49 Meteorologist/Hydrologist/Environmental Engineer

Want to be on the forefront of science? Then, consider becoming a meteorologist or any kind of environmental engineer because you will spend your time trying to understand climate change and then coming up with ways to combat it. Unfortunately, this type of work isn’t always well-paying; as most jobs in these fields are government-funded! However, it can give you a better understanding of the world around you and the future!

#50 Economist/Financial Planner

This is one profession where you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree – and maybe even an MBA (depending on what kind of company you want to work for)! Either way, if you are looking to make good money from being knowledgeable about finance – then this is definitely something worth considering! You can work as a consultant; an analyst for Wall Street or even find a position in the government! Whatever you decide, research before you apply just to make sure it’s the kind of job that will fulfill your needs and wants!

#51 Recruitment Consultant

We couldn’t resist adding our job role onto the highest paying jobs UK list, as we are definitely some of the top earners in the UK. Recruitment consultants are the best paid in the UK, and as a result, it attracts lots of people to the industry, even with little or no experience. We recruit candidates on behalf of UK companies, charging a success-based fee from them. If you want to find out more about what we do – see our Opportunity page for more details.