*For People With Limited Recruitment Experience…

If You Have No Previous Recruitment Experience or Have Just Started And Want To Become A Top Performer, Then This Course Is For You…

This ‘Consultant Authority Framework’ Course was supposed to remain the secret weapon of our companies highest-billing consultants. We turn newbies into pros in just weeks!

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

1. Basic & advanced Personal Branding

2. Daily Tasks Of Top performers

3. How to Build your network of clients & candidates

4. Client Relationshipships

5. Candidate relationships

6. Become an Expert On Linkedin

7. recruitment automation

8. how to beat your competition

9. how to become an authority in your niche

10. the power of inbound leads

11. how to find the perfect candidates

12. how to do outbound marketing correctly

13. sales and marketing scripts

14. how to become a better closer

15. how to charge more for your services

And loads more useful tips for becoming successful in recruitment.

Start your journey into recruitment and outperform your colleagues!

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The Consultant Authority Course


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