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Civil Service Jobs – Wondering Where to Start?

If you are looking for jobs in the civil service, then you have come to the right place. There are a number of ways that you can find civil service jobs with different levels of government and at numerous departments. In this post, we will go over some of the best resources online for finding these positions and how to apply once you find one that interests you!

The UK government has two great sites to help you find civil service jobs. These sites host a lot of opportunities for both permanent and temporary roles in the public sector, as well as some information on recent vacancies.  

As can be seen below, there are numerous types of jobs within the civil service from administration and finance to IT and engineering. The website also houses the latest lists of open positions for each department within the UK from local councils up to central government offices. To apply for these roles, go ahead and click on the link above that is relevant to where you would like to work. If none jump out at you just yet then feel free to explore all other departments available until something catches your eye! You have nothing to lose and plenty of jobs are available! The UK Civil Service Jobs application process is simple and you will be notified via email if you have been shortlisted. To find a job quickly, start by searching for civil service positions at the Job Vacancies pages above and whether you would like to live in London or elsewhere in the country, there are loads of opportunities out there for everyone.

To help you find more information on jobs that are available, it is best to utilize the second civil service website that was previously mentioned, which is in regards to Permanent Civil Service Vacancies.

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Once you have found an appropriate job position, take note of how long the application process usually takes and then apply accordingly. If there is a deadline to meet or if you would like to be considered for one specific position in particular, don’t wait until the last minute since these opportunities will fill up quickly! You might also want to browse through some other options online and try out applications once they are due so that you can get a better idea of whether this type of work is for you or not.

If you are interested in local government civil service jobs, then we have a separate article that will give you the low down on how to find these positions and some of the other details associated with those jobs. The UK Government’s job matching website can help you search for roles in various departments from all over England, Scotland and Wales using keywords such as salary grade, location and more. To get started, simply enter your postcode into the box at the top right hand corner of this page and select what type of role you are looking for before clicking ‘Find Jobs’ to view available vacancies:

As shown above, there are many different levels of civil service jobs within local councils with specialist skills often being in demand. The website also details that you can search for jobs within the central government department on the same page and from there you will find information about other ministries and departments.

To apply to any roles, click on the link above that is relevant to where you would like to work. You can return to this job board at anytime in order to see which positions are due for applications or have recently been filled, making it easier for you if you are looking for a new role in the future! If nothing within your current sector of expertise interests you then try some of the options recommended below which should be able to provide plenty of opportunities for everyone:

If you are interested in finding out how many civil service jobs there really are available today, then you may want to visit the e-Gov website for more information. Civil service jobs can easily fill up in any given city, especially if you have a local council that is willing to hire people on a part time basis. For example, Birmingham City Council offer all kinds of roles which can be viewed within their Careers section:

If there are no vacancies near you then try searching for civil service jobs across the UK using one of these two websites which will give you access to numerous positions from thousands of other employers at the same time:

Only apply to one role at a time so that you avoid wasting your hard earned time in case your application is unsuccessful or they do not get back in touch with you! Instead, use this time researching other positions and seeing which one is most suited to you.

Be sure to update your CV before applying for each position so that you can include all of the details relevant to that specific job, such as any experience supporting charities or working with groups in the community. It may also be worth writing a separate personal statement for different roles if they have similar requirements but are in difference locations so that you give yourself an edge over any other potential candidates! To make it easier for you, there are plenty of links below which will take you through the process step by step:

In order to stay up to date on any current civil service vacancies across the UK, register at either of these two websites since they frequently update their data bases with new listings day by day:

Once you have registered with one or all of the sites above, you can then mark any roles that interest you as a favourite and they will be saved to your account which means you won’t miss any new opportunities when leaving it unattended. Civil service jobs are becoming increasingly popular and there is plenty of choice for those who want to work in local government no matter what grade level they are applying for! If this is your first time looking at these types of positions then we recommend incorporating some general tips into your job search below:

For more information on how civil service jobs within the UK actually work, make sure that you visit our dedicated guide on  civil service career paths  which should help point you in the direction of any roles you are looking for. There are many different types of roles within the civil service but the most common ones include working as a teacher, police officer and doctor, although there are plenty more depending on which department you join! To get hired by any organisation in the United Kingdom then it is a good idea to prepare your CV thoroughly since this document will be the first thing that any employer sees. If possible, try and contact people who work at one of these organisations or have recently been employed by them so that they can give you some advice about what to include in your CV before applying for jobs online. These days it isn’t enough to simply advertise a position and hope that applicants will send their CVs through because employers usually receive over 10 applications per spot so it is important to think of ways that you can stand out.

Our advice would be to focus on your skills, experience and achievements in order to emphasise how suitable you are for any specific role. Keep your CV short but concise (maximum 2 pages) so that the employer can easily see why you are applying for this position without having to read through pages of unimportant information! If they like what they see then they may call you in for an interview which means that this document will probably be used as a basis for all kinds of questions about your professional life. Another tip we would recommend is to visit every UK civil service website which offers jobs and apply directly from there since this has several advantages: First, by uploading your CV once you will then have your document stored on their database which means that you can use it for future applications; Secondly, by applying directly from the agencies website they will then be able to link you with any other roles that are available elsewhere. This should mean that if any other positions turn up at local government organisations throughout the rest of the UK, there is a good chance that these listings could be seen in one of your recruitment accounts and thus give yourself an edge once again!

As we mentioned above, another method of finding opportunities is searching for them online since there are plenty of  websites dedicated to listing vacancies at UK civil service agencies throughout the United Kingdom. We recommend registering with both of these websites in order to widen your options when it comes to finding jobs:

Although these sites do not appear as regularly as government agency sites, they still hold a wealth of information about what is happening within the civil service sector so that you can understand which roles are likely to appeal most and exactly where they are available. This will further improve your chances of securing a job by using other methods recommended above such as visiting agencies directly and keeping an eye on all online listings! Last but not least, don’t forget that you may also find UK Civil Service Jobs advertised through newspaper classifieds, recruitment agencies or even by word of mouth from friends and family

For anyone who wants to work for one of these agencies then we would recommend using our civil service jobs UK guide which if followed could really help give you the upper hand. It covers everything from finding out how much government employees get paid, what kind of applications needs to be submitted and where to find some vacancies. There is also a section which gives all kinds of advice on job interviews so please do check this out if you’re thinking about applying or already working for a local specialist civil service job sites  this year due to the popularity of such roles. The best thing about this type of process is that employers can see right away whether or not you have a clear understanding of what your role involves and how it relates to other work being carried out around the local area. This will also allow them to compare you with any other applicants who are also interested in the job so that they can decide which candidate is best suited to their requirements! TIP: Search for local civil service jobs on Yahoo Answers UK

A lot of people look on Yahoo answers when searching for any kind of job and indeed, we have found numerous posts from people who were wondering where they could find vacancies within their area. By following this link you can then see whether or not anyone has responded and if they have, check their username to make sure that they are an actual government employee since some users may offer advice about how to find these roles, without actually working for a civil service agency

Although there is no guarantee that you will be given any leads this way, it would still be worth trying out and even writing a post giving details about where you live and other bits of information such as whether or not you have experience in the field. This could give some users confidence to respond if they are looking for someone just like you who is interested in finding government jobs within their local community! 

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Civil Service Vacancies – What Are They?

As we mentioned above every UK government department has their own vacancies and posting opportunities available through both internal job selection processes and external employment competitions which may be advertised on-line or through newspapers. We cover all different kinds of opportunities including temporary, freelance and permanent vacancies, both in the private sector and via public service agencies.

Great civil service jobs UK – who is responsible for recruitment?

If you are wondering why it might be worth applying for a job with administration or consultancy services at your local government department then you will probably want to organise a trip down there so that you can meet some of their staff and get an idea of how things work first-hand. This means that we would highly recommend reading through our full guide on what civil service jobs entail, as well as checking out the various employment opportunities available at different government departments. We can help you find the best roles near where you live since these types of agencies tend to have offices all over the country so that they can reach all kinds of people.

Civil service job vacancies UK – what kind of positions are available?

Due to the fact that different government departments have slightly different remits and requirements, there is a great deal of variation in roles which will be carried out by civil servants so as you can probably imagine this means that there is a brilliant range of opportunities for high quality civil service jobs UK. Civil servants often undertake administrative tasks such as planning events, organising conferences or preparing laws for Parliament but they also carry out a wide variety of other activities like writing reports, giving advice about their chosen field or providing expert opinions during enquiries. In some cases they may even work with local communities on initiatives like road safety programs or energy efficiency schemes! So it’s easy to see why so many people are interested in this kind of work and how it could be an exciting way to build a career in the public sector.

Check out these civil service jobs UK:   – This is the central site for all roles that are being advertised by UK government departments, however they do not always update their vacancies as regularly as some of the smaller agencies which means you may have to keep checking back if you want to find more information about specific opportunities!

Cabinet Office  – As one of the most important government departments, we thought it would be worth including them separately here since they play such a crucial role in shaping policy at both national and local levels within the UK. The Cabinet Office has a great deal of responsibility for keeping the government running smoothly, as well as being responsible for major policy initiatives which have national implications. It can be quite hard to find vacancies with them so if you are looking for civil service jobs UK in this area then we would recommend trying to get some more specific information about where they actually recruit from and which departments they often work with!

Department for Work & Pensions Jobs   – This is the department in charge of most parts of welfare for both the public sector and private companies within the UK. They cover everything from pensions to disability support and unemployment benefits, all of which could provide plenty of opportunities for people who want to start out on a career path within government services! However before you apply for one of their civil service jobs UK you will need to make sure that you are familiar with the legal requirements in all areas, since this is where a good understanding of current social policy can really help out.

Department for Transport Jobs   – A lot of people don’t realize just how broad the remit of the Department for Transport actually is! Many people think about it as being primarily concerned with roads and transport systems but they also deal with everything from public safety through to maritime issues and international relations. This department is responsible for many government offices which cover different kinds of work like research, advisory roles or consulting advice on topics related to transport and travel so it’s well worth looking here if you want some more information about what could be available.

Department of Health   – This is a very large department which is responsible for areas as diverse as healthcare, medical research and public health education. Essentially it is the government’s job to try out new initiatives in their fields and then provide feedback on how well they are working. This often will mean using civil servants to carry out surveys or report back on potential problems which inevitably means that there are many opportunities within this area if you want civil service jobs UK!

Department for Education Jobs   – Like many different departments, the DfE relies extensively on the help of lay experts from outside sources to provide them with advice about policy changes in education related areas. Since their remit covers all of basic through to higher education within the UK, this can be a very varied area of work which means plenty of chances to get involved in civil service jobs UK.

Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs   – This is the largest department in government and it’s one which covers such a broad range of areas that even they don’t have time to deal with everything! So here you should be able to find both more general information about what they might be looking for but also some specific opportunities if you want some civil service jobs UK which are related directly to these areas.

Civil Service Jobs UK – Which Departments Get the Most Vacancies?

The Cabinet Office has been leading in terms of job creation in 2016, and this is likely due to their highly-regarded recruitment process, as well as many of the positions that they are looking to fill being high level, managerial roles. In terms of where you are most likely to get vacancies in 2021 these are definitely some areas which would be worth looking at and it’s always a good idea to keep them in mind when you have your CV or cover letter ready for a potential new position!

There is a very useful study recently published by the Guardian about who gets jobs within UK civil service and what departments offer the best career opportunities. The conclusion was reached by examining members of Parliament, as this group has traditionally had strong ties with civil service jobs in United Kingdom. The research found that roughly 45% of MPs went into private sector after leaving office, while around 32% ended up working for an involved charity or other non-profit organisation, which shows that civil service jobs opportunities are not limited to the state sector. However, some 51% of those MPs who did take up a government role were given ministerial positions upon their departure from Parliament.

Civil Service Jobs in London   – What Departments are Available?

There are plenty of areas within London itself where you can find specific departments offering different kinds of work for people trying to secure some civil service jobs UK and it’s always worth thinking about what kind of field you specifically would like to work within before building your application! As an example, there is a pretty wide range of opportunities for people looking to work within areas such as regulation, health and safety or legal affairs. You could then choose to focus your job search around finding vacancies within any of these departments – each will have their own specific recruitment pages where you can find more information about the jobs which they are offering!

Civil Service Jobs Board – How Can I Get in Touch?

It’s always useful when trying to build a career with the government to be able to use what is known as a ‘job board’ site like this. Essentially it allows the government’s HR department to advertise key positions which they would like filled from external sources but you can also access them through the same place if you want civil service jobs UK. Each time that there is a job posting which you could be interested in, there will be a link to the relevant information and each of these jobs comes with an application form where you can send your CV over.

A very useful resource for anyone looking for civil service jobs UK is simply a board like this one. It allows employers within government departments to advertise key positions which they are trying to fill externally and it also means that people who want some kind of work in this sector have access to them as well! If there isn’t a job currently being advertised which exactly matches what you would want from your career then make sure that you sign up so that when one appears, either through regularly checking or by signing up to receive email alerts about new opportunities, you’ll get first chance at it and you can get your application in.

Civil Service Jobs – Can I Apply for Non-Administrative Positions?

The short answer to this is yes, there are plenty of non-administrative roles which people in civil service jobs UK are able to secure. In fact, the vast majority of civil servants do not work as part of an administrative team or carry out clerical functions! You should be aware that it will be more challenging for people who want to move beyond an entry level role into more senior parts of the sector but there is no reason why a career where you focus on the big picture should be impossible to establish by gaining one or two years worth of experience with government services before moving up towards managerial positions.

Instead many people who work within the sector are in jobs such as auditing and risk management, policy advisers, or creative roles such as public relations! Again it’s worth thinking about what sort of role you would want to hold with government services before building your resume to match up with this. Civil service jobs UK will usually require that you carry out some kind of training which at least equips you with the basics so consider whether these kinds of terms mean more to you than they do if joining a business outside of the area where civil service jobs focus on the specific background knowledge that is required by each position.

When trying to secure top level positions within departments it can be useful for people who want some kind of role in government administration and departments to develop qualifications like this. Equipping yourself with a master’s degree in public policy or another similar qualification can be a great way of showing that you have the relevant background knowledge and experience to qualify for better jobs! Civil service jobs UK will usually require a specific amount of study on your part but these kinds of qualifications are well worth the time and effort!

Civil Service Jobs – Am I Able to Work Abroad?

One area where many people look into when trying to work within the civil service is whether they can move abroad and secure roles which will allow them to travel as well as gain more money, status or influence. The short answer here really is no, most positions like this which are advertised within the borders of England, Scotland or Northern Ireland would be specifically restricted to people who are ordinarily admitted within the UK. If you want to move abroad then it is usually a better idea for your work to be located in that country as well and not the UK.

However there are some exceptions to this rule, or if you consider that moving abroad temporarily on secondment could count as an opportunity to gain more experience and skills which will allow you to return with greater prospects for promotion than when you left! You can see some of the international opportunities at link below:

Civil Service Jobs – Will I Be Able to Work Locally?

One thing worth considering about some civil service jobs UK is what kind of working environment your position would involve. Some kinds of government jobs which require dealing directly with members of the public, or on site research or management of projects, could mean that you are posted to work in different regions. You’ll typically have some say over where you want to go and the kind of region which might be most suitable for your own particular needs, but it is likely that this will require an ability to travel and move around which can be useful if you think that you would prefer a role like this above one where your office is more static!

Another common consideration which people have when they are looking into opportunities within civil service jobs UK is how much money they will make out of their new career. Civil servants typically earn salaries in line with those of other sectors across the country as well as being subject to the same terms by law regarding employment conditions such as holiday entitlement, statutory sick leave pay and more. This means that there is a good degree of guaranteed levels of job security which you could enjoy along with the regular wages that come from any other kind of work within the country.

Some positions can be quite senior in nature though, which can mean a higher wage! You’ll probably also have some parliamentary or government pension arrangements to look after your future as well once you retire so there are many reasons why it’s worth considering working for departments like this! Click here to find some great civil service jobs UK on our partner site and start out on your path towards an exciting career today!

Civil Service Jobs – Wondering Where to Start?

Do you consider yourself as an intelligent person who has the potential to make a difference in your community and society on a grand scale? Are you looking to find work which involves being active in politics or government administration but don’t know where best to begin? If so then it could be a great idea for you to consider ways of making sure that your CV stands out from the crowd when applying for jobs like this one! By getting involved with an online course or qualification in public policy, government or administrative roles then you’ll have something else of value which you can add to your CV which is relevant in this field. This will help to ensure you get your name on the first rung of the ladder and hopefully start working towards fulfilling your dream job sooner rather than later.

The government civil service is a great place for professionals who have a excellent record of academic achievement or experience as an expert in their field. These people often enjoy some freedom in terms of where they work, what kinds of projects they are involved with and even how much money they make! It’s important that if you apply for jobs like this one, however, then the very first thing you do is tailor your CV to emphasise all the key skills which might be useful within roles like these. If you can show off impressive levels of intelligence and have evidence which proves that you are capable as well as eager to learn and develop, then there’s a great chance you can land some really superb professional opportunities.

What skills could I use?

Many people who are considering the possibility of working with government departments like this one will also be wondering what kinds of skills they should emphasise on their CV in order to get ahead. Governance roles within a civil service jobs UK position will almost always require a high level of competence in data collection as well as analysis which typically involves data collection from other sources such as surveys or field research. In addition to this, it is crucial that you have demonstrable levels of independence and flexibility so that you can cope with being moved around between projects from time to time. It’s also important that your motivation for working in this field is positive and that you can come up with ideas about how to develop the system as a whole so that civil service jobs UK are up to date with the latest technologies, public trends and other elements which could have an impact on how things work.

What kind of people apply for these roles?

Now that you know what kinds of skills you should emphasise on your CV before applying, it’s important also to get an idea of just who might be taking on civil service jobs positions across the country. Although anyone could apply for a job like this in theory, there are certain aspects of your life which will make it much more likely that you’ll get noticed by recruiters or even choose you over other applicants! If you’ve got a lot of experience with working within government departments, whether you were personally involved or simply worked for the company which they contracted out to, then this will be a huge plus! Likewise, if you are confident that you have experience with certain kinds of data analysis and can show up some strong examples as evidence on your CV, then there’s a good chance that any recruiters reading it will want to speak to you and hear more about what it is you’re offering.

If I’m successful with applying for jobs like this one I could end up earning quite a bit of money at the same time! This is because many governmental agencies have extremely high budgets and can afford to pay their staff very well indeed so long as they deliver results. As an employee within a department like this one your salary will be based upon how efficient you are and the amount of success which you achieve with each project. As these jobs are often considered desirable, you will need to ensure that you can demonstrate that there is a strong likelihood that your efforts will lead to outcomes which are beneficial for everyone involved!

If you want to find out more about civil service jobs UK then make sure you read up on the topic as much as possible so that when it comes to applying for roles like this one, then at least in theory, you’ll have plenty of relevant information available to share with recruiters and other interested parties. Check out all the news articles online first before taking any specific steps towards getting an application form though because it’s important not to waste your time when it comes to this kind of job!

And how long does it take you from deciding that you want a new job and actually getting one?

It takes an average of 17 weeks, although I know some people who have been looking for much longer than that without improving their situations. So make sure that you stay on top of things if at all possible. If there are certain companies or types of career which are particularly appealing to you then check out those particular pages and see if you can make any suggestions to yourself.

Civil Service jobs have been around for a long time, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ll continue to be around even decades into the future. It’s important that as a society we continue to be able to manage our resources effectively as well as provide support for the most vulnerable people in the country who need help accessing services which will enable them to live more comfortable lives, some of which gain access only because of their permanent place within the Civil Service!

If you need any advice with regards applying for civil service jobs UK then please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below and I will try my best to help you out! Are you looking for other job related information? Then check out our other articles!