*For Entrepreneurs, Ambitious People or Existing Consultants who struggle with being employed and seeing others reap the rewards from your efforts…

Come And Work With Us And Watch As Your DMs and Calendar Explode With Dream Prospects Eager To Work With You!

All without the ‘hassle’ of doing it by yourself.

Recruitment is very lucrative but extremely competitive.

There are a million and one of new and exisiting recruitment agencies around the world, with thousands started every day, all trying to get a piece of the pie.

But what I also know… and what you’ve probably found to be true yourself… is that only a handful of successful agencies survive and make it to the top.

And when some large recruitment companies do make it (their consultants get a fraction of the value they created) which ultimately causes their best consultants to leave after a while, once they’ve had enough, this creates an endless turnover of staff, and compounds the number of new agencies started every year!

A Big Problem That Needs To Be Fixed…

In fact, this is the exact problem we have fixed. I actually think it’s a great idea for people to go and start their own businesses, take control of their income and stop making other people rich from your hard work.

If you’re currently making less than £10k per month in an agency or job, then starting your own business is probably the best way to retain the rewards from all your efforts.

So, If You Want To Go It Alone… I Wish You The Best!

But, wouldn’t it make more sense to be part of a community of consultants that are all doing the same thing and bringing in millions of revenue each year!

Starting a business on your own can be lonely, painful and very expensive.

Well, My Name is Nick Wilson…

…. And today I’m going to show you a new plug-n-play sytem for starting your own recruitment agency within our business… that actually works.

It doesn’t matter whether you are new to starting a business or not. You don’t need any experience in business or recruitment, it works as long as you possess the ambition and are willing to do the best job for your clients and candidates.

You don’t need a degree, experience, training, office, client base…

And you don’t need to struggle or work this industry out on your own.

It’s called The Chester Blake Partnership Program V3…

And the reason I can make these promises… the reason why my system works so much better than anything else out there…

Is because Chester Blake is one of a kind, there is no other recruitment business out there like this… Period.

Chester Blake is a consultant first driven business, where every member of the community benefits even if you’re not making any client placements. Using the system I’m going to give you today, you instantly set yourself apart from everybody else in the recruitment industry…

But more importantly, it compels potential clients to want to work with you as opposed to you chasing them, recruitment has changed and gone are the days of endless wasted time.

But first, if you’ve tried anything like this before and you’re sceptical of what I’m promising here…

I get it. This industry is laden with rehashed, ineffective advice.

But what I’m about to show you not only gave me all the clients and candidates I could ever dream of when nothing else worked… 

It also turned me into a leading authority on helping consultants and agencies get all the clients they can handle.

More importantly, it’s why my consultants have gotten better results than anyone else.

All I ask is you give me a few minutes to prove it to you.

You see, I know how much of a drag doing all that other stuff is and how ineffective it can be… because I got stuck in the trap of following a lot of it. 

And unfortunately, it’s the same rubbish that’s still being preached out there right now to people like you.

The result? 

It was so bad I was nearly forced back to my nine-to-five with my tail between my legs.

But as I’m going to show you below, when I was at rock bottom, in a last-ditch effort that broke all the rules, I stumbled my way into this powerful secret…

And now I’m going to show you exactly how it can change the trajectory of your life too.

In fact, it’s already been used by more than 1,082 consultants and agency owners to fill their calendars and start conversations with their dream clients

( Me with my 2 day old baby, Charlie – 8 years ago!)

I was at a loss…

… Because when I got into this, I thought getting clients and candidates would be easy as long as I was good at my skill and could get results for my clients.

Yet here I was… bordering on BROKE.

To make matters worse, while I was struggling to get my career off the ground, my partner was expecting a baby.  (yeah, everything at once).

I knew that I had to figure out something FAST.

But I didn’t have any referrals I could depend on.

It quickly felt like I was running out of viable options…

So, I did what most people do when they’re starting out…

I began exploring and trying everything to get clients.

It made sense. It was free, it seemed pretty low effort, and I figured if people could see that I know my stuff, surely they’d hire me.

So I went ahead and started putting out all kinds of content.

Aaaaaand… Crickets…

Sure, I got a few comments and likes… and I knew people were reading what I posted.

But, no matter how good my posts were, not a SINGLE person reached out interested in working with me.

After countless weeks of this, things were really going sideways…

Now, one thing to know about my partner, and I is we always put each other first. Which is why what I’m about to tell you is so important…

It was the moment where all of this became impossible to ignore any longer.

See, no matter how tight things got, up until this point we had fiercely protected our weekly date night.

Rain or shine. No matter how much money was in the bank account. We went on our date. It was the one bit of quality time we got to spend together while working furiously to get our business off the ground.

But when our 2006 Ford Focus was in desperate need of a tyre replacement, I was literally forced to choose between a £30 dinner and a £30 tyre.

It sucked. I was left with no choice but to cancel date night with my wife.

But it didn’t end there. Only weeks later, we had a flood in our house, a pipe broke, which we couldn’t afford to deal with either.

As you might imagine, as the weight of all these things accumulated on my shoulders, I woke up one morning ready to just throw in the towel.

Was I really going to give up on this dream so soon?

It was all starting to feel hopeless. The frustration was boiling up to my eyeballs.
Even worse, now the bills were starting to pile up.

If you’re reading this, I’m sure you know exactly what I’m talking about…

Maybe you’re even feeling it right now.

And I can tell you… I know how much it hurts, because that’s where I was that day.

But if you do feel that way, then I really want you to pay attention to this next part, because this is where things turned around for me. 

And if you read carefully, it’s where things can turn around for you, too.

So when I sat down at the kitchen table to write my post that day, I just figured “screw it.” Instead of what I’d done before – the same kind of stuff everyone else does with their social media posts… 

I hammered out a crazy post that went against everything I’d been told.

  • I didn’t talk about my expertise.
  • I didn’t talk about client results.
  • I didn’t even talk about what I offered.

Instead, my post actually helped somebody transform the way they thought about money and risk… and how that relates to their success in business.

I posted it. Slammed my Laptop shut. And basically forgot all about it. Until…

“What. The. #@$%?”

The next morning I couldn’t believe my eyes. That off-the-cuff post I hadn’t given a second thought to… it somehow worked.
And now I had 3 new people in my DMs interested in potentially working with me. I didn’t realize it at the time, but what I now know is…

The reason that post worked like gangbusters… where everything else I’d done before fell flat on its face…

Is because, up until that point, I’d unknowingly fallen into the trap where all my posts were “informational.”

The stuff you’ve probably heard preached before…

  • Write value posts.
  • Demonstrate your expertise.
  • Give away free tips.

And while people do consume some of this content… it rarely brings in new clients.

Let’s face it, if it were that simple, you wouldn’t be reading this because everyone would be booked solid with high-paying clients.

You see, the thing I want you to learn today – if there’s only one thing you take away from this entire page – is that… 

The reason none of this works is because information alone is not enough!

It won’t flip the right psychological switches in the mind of your prospect…

It doesn’t convince them to take action.

It doesn’t instill trust. It doesn’t leave them feeling that you’re the right person to help them. And it doesn’t trigger the right emotions that have them eager to invest in working with you.

See, there are 3 parts of the human brain that are responsible for making decisions in highly emotional situations…

(and you better believe if someone is considering paying you £10,000 or more, they are in a highly emotional situation).

Now, the scientific names of these parts of the brain are the amygdala, the hippocampus, and the prefrontal cortex… but you don’t need to know that right now.

All you need to know is that “informational” forms of content don’t stimulate these parts of the brain involved in trust, belief and emotional decision making.

In fact, the part of the brain most likely to be activated when reading an informational post is the left frontal part (or left frontal lobe if you wanna get sciency).

You’re probably familiar with…

How the left is more analytical, the right more emotional and intuitive…

Of course, the brain is very complex.

But the one thing you need to know is that when the left frontal lobe is activated (like it is when you post information forms of content), the person actually gets a bit “detached” – they become more easily distracted and more likely to begin unconsciously thinking about something else entirely.

Not what you want when someone’s reading your stuff, right?

The reality is, when you make these kinds of posts… you’re barely a blip on your prospect’s radar.

They’re not engaged at all.

Let alone considering the possibility of working together.

Which means until your posts can actually trigger those 3 parts of the brain I mentioned before – in concert – you’ll always get subpar results.

To make it all worse, informational posts are saturating the market, getting tuned out, and becoming even less effective than they were to begin with.

That’s why my Recruitment Content System is such a game changer.

Because it’s the only system I know of that is actually designed to trigger these parts of the brain in the proper way so that you win the attention, the trust, and ultimately, the business of your dream clients.

One way to think about this is that when you take the simple advice I’m about to give you… 

Instead of seeing you as a source of information, your ideal clients will begin seeing you as a source of transformation… and that’s what they really want (and need).

Instead of giving them a free tip, you’re giving them a new perspective. You’re transforming the way they see something, the way they feel about it…

And ultimately, compelling prospects to see you – at a deep psychological level – as an authority figure… and the only person capable of helping them achieve the outcome they’re chasing.


If you were to take an MRI of their brain, your post just lit up the 3 areas I mentioned a moment ago…

And think about it – if someone is going to pay you £5000, £10000, £50000 or even more… what’s more likely to get them to make that decision? 

Giving them more information (which they already have unlimited access to)?

Or showing them that working with you will transform their business in exactly the way they want most?

Now, after that initial win with what would eventually become my Recruitment Content System…

I wish I could tell you that everything just unfolded for me.

But it was still a process – with a LOT of trial and error.

Sometimes what appeared to work one time, didn’t work the next. Or what I thought was responsible for a past success was because of something else entirely.

There were a lot of nuances I had to figure out.

Once I pieced it all together – my recruitment business exploded to £30k per month.

To put that in perspective, that’s more than I earned in a full year at the job I’d quit less than 12 months earlier.

It was hard to believe that things could change so fast. I went from not being able to buy my wife dinner without skipping a tyre change, and living in a flooded apartment… 

…to moving into a nicer place, having all my bills paid (with plenty to spare) and feeling like I was finally in control of my life…

We went from splitting a meal at McDonald’s… to dining at the nicest restaurants in town (without worrying over what we could afford to order).

And all within a matter of months.

But I’d truly only scratched the surface of what was possible.

Two months later, I teamed up with Anya Hayes and we used this same strategy to launch into different industries.

However, we did it with a slight twist.

You see, Anya had an idea for enhancing everything we were doing. A way to have two people do the work of ten.

This would later become the 3rd part of The Chester Blake Partnership Program V3 – something I call “Explosive Growth”

(And in case you’re wondering, no, we didn’t hire more staff, yet)

Within 5 months, this new strategy Anya and I had created, was bringing in over £90k per month just from these tactics.

Even better, with this new style of client acquisition, we now had a steady stream of potential clients coming to us – day in, day out. And it didn’t require us to invest a huge chunk of our day either.

In fact, most days I’d knock out all my Recruitment Content in under 30 minutes and my schedule would be full.

It’s one of the best feelings in the world, isn’t it?

Good. Because in just a moment, I’m going to show you how to make sure your business feels that way, too.

What Anya and I soon discovered, after seeing it work time and time again for us…

Was that these results could be replicated in a wider range of industries than we ever believed possible…

So with dozens of clients now working with us (a mix of businesses, agencies and service providers), we began to deploy it in all industries.

And it wasn’t long before we had consultants getting great results in every industry under the sun…

And the list goes on…

There was even a consultant who supplied staff for the events business (who was employed to be human statues).

These businesses became the ultimate testing ground.

I had the unique opportunity to see what worked and what didn’t for hundreds of industries.

And that allowed me to continually refine the system so that no matter the industry, Chester Blake would make content that would reliably trigger those 3 parts of the brain required for making a decision to invest.

And the results have been out of this world…

At this point, we’ve seen hundreds of consultants plug this system into their businesses and enjoy a consistent stream of new clients & ever-growing revenue…

… while freeing up hours a day they used to spend frantically searching for clients.

Can you imagine what it’s gonna be like once you have 2 or 3 more hours a day that you don’t have right now? 

That’s a new hobby. That’s time spent reading your favorite books. That’s time teaching your kids crafts or how to fish.

And while this thing catapulted us to the top 5 years ago, we’ve continually refined and improved upon it ever since.

So while it used to be like an atomic bomb… It now looks like a fire cracker compared to the version I have for you now. 

The Chester Blake Partnership Program V3

The Chester Blake Partnership Program is where I share every secret that I know about building a successful recruitment business using our simple Action-based Content system to get all the clients you ever wanted. 

Plus I’ve also thrown in every other tip, trick and secret I learned along the way for using social media to fill your pipeline with potential clients.

This is the exact same organic client acquisition system we share inside our high-end agency program, but today we’re making it available to you for the first time so you can get this part of your life handled.

Recruitment has been good for me, so I’ve decided to open our business to ambitious people like you, who want to improve their lives and work as an independent consultant from home under the Chester Blake brand.

The Chester Blake partnership is an opportunity for you to partner with us, and become a Chester Blake Consultant, (instead of going it alone.)

and it doesn’t matter if you have any experience or not?

This partnership means we will train you, give you all the tools you need, and support you throughout the whole partnership,

so you can join today and plug straight into our business to start generating revenue. (and you keep 65% of the client invoice total)

We operate in every industry all over the world, So you can choose your market..

and start living the life you deserve. Remember I’ve been where you are now, and I have already made the mistakes, so you don’t have to.

Our support system is a community of highly experienced consultants, that are all willing to help you achieve great results!

How You Can Join The Chester Blake Partnership Program?

Work with us and enjoy a share in the revenue!

Up until now, the only way to work with us and get access to this client acquisition system was to invest 10k to become a client. (and already have your own recruitment agency)

We were originally going to sell this for upwards of £5999…

Which would’ve been more than reasonable.

So even at £5999… this would pay for itself many times over the moment it brought in your first client.

However, today I’ve decided I’m going to do something special. Something a bit on the crazy side.

For a limited time, I’m gonna give this away for pennies…

At a price that’s gonna make you think I slipped something extra into my Starbucks this morning…

Stick with me for a minute and I’ll show you…

In addition to giving you this business partnership, which is worth at least £5000, for a fraction of that…

I’m also gonna give you three incredible bonuses to accelerate the results you get from The Chester Blake Partnership Program!

What You Will Get:

Becoming A Consultant Within The Chester Blake Partnership Program V3

  • An unlimited earning potential
  • Retain 65% of the fee from all invoices.
  • Work from home and Pick your own hours. (No boss)
  • All of your invoicing, credit control and fee chasing done for you.
  • Get paid as soon as the candidate starts (and your client has paid the invoice)
  • Use of our candidate and client marketing systems.
  • Use of legally drawn up TOB and candidate/client documents
  • Use of our automatic client signing software
  • Free advertising on multiple job boards for your roles (job adverts and CV searching)
  • Access to all of our online and cloud-based systems
  • Full back-office support, including access to accountants, solicitors and other professional services.
  • Advice and guidance on the initial set-up of your business, including training on all of the systems and recruitment tools.
  • Professional phone answering and message taking service for when you are not available to take calls
  • CV formatting service available (to save you time)
  • Access to an IT team to assist you in setting up and with any ongoing IT problems.
  • Access to marketing materials, including company brochures, stock pictures and company social media sites to promote your recruitment activity and market presence.
  • Full support and ongoing advice and guidance from the Directors who have collectively been in recruitment for over 50 years.
  • Access to our consultant community, where you can interact with other consultants and follow everyone’s results.

We provide all the systems, support, set up – so you can just focus on the important bit…

Plus: After 12 months of working with us, you automatically get enrolled in our profit-sharing scheme which provides you with passive income every month! (without you having to fill any placements)

Total Value Exceeding Well Over £5000+

This is a lucrative and exciting opportunity, which would enable you to work as part of an experienced and successful recruitment network, under our established and reputable brand.

But wait… we’re not done yet.

I’m going to make it even easier for you to get started right away. 
Because today, you’re also getting…


The Consultant Playbook E-book

Value £19.99 FREE

My Amazon best-selling book, The Consultant Playbook, pulls back the curtain on exactly how the most successful consultants win all the best clients and get paid handsomely for it… And how you can do it too!

This book gives you the “keys to the kingdom” that helped me develop several multi-million-pound businesses.

Everything from niching, the steps to building a high-ticket consulting offer, how to pre-frame potential clients before they ever get on the phone with you, exactly what to say on calls to drastically raise your chances of closing a sale, and the questions you need to have answered before you can scale… it’s all covered!


90-Day Action Blueprint

Value £27.00 FREE

One of our most impactful trainings of all time, where we break down the steps needed to recapture time, blow up revenues, and enrol new high-ticket clients with ease…

All laid out in a step-by-step 90 day plan, that you can follow!

The Chester Blake

Consultant Authority Course

Value £299.99 FREE

This ‘Consultant Authority Framework’ Course was supposed to remain the secret weapon of our companies highest-billing consultants.

TOTAL BUNDLE VALUE £346.98 – Yours today FREE

I want to make sure you are in control of your destiny…

… So no matter what happens in the future, you’re able to live the life you want.

So, on top of the £346.98 of bonus value I’m throwing in for free…

The reason this is such a no-brainer is because instead of investing hundreds or even thousands… (ON YOUR OWN)

Today ONLY – you’re gonna get this entire thing for the low low price of only…

Ridiculous? Definitely.
Short-sighted? We’ll see.

My entire team thinks I’m giving away too much for too little. And they’re probably right.

But this isn’t about money for me.

If anything, we’ll take a small hit today by charging so little…

But I know if you see how well this works, I’ll be the one person you come to for advice on this sort of thing… and you’re gonna be wanting to do business with me for years to come.

Let’s Recap Everything You Get Today For The Crazy-Low Price Of £97

  • The Chester Blake Partnership Program V3 (Your own business, become a consultant and receive 65% commission from all client invoices)
  • Help and Support Setting Everything Up From Head Office
  • Business Email Address and Marketing Material
  • Legal Contracts and Client Signing Software
  • Access & Ongoing Support From The Consultant Community Platform
  • Outbound Email Marketing System
  • All Of Your Invoicing, Credit Control and Fee Chasing Done For You.

Total Value Exceeding Well Over £5000+

Plus #3 Bonuses


The Consultant Playbook E-book

Value £19.99 FREE


90-Day Action Blueprint

Value £27.00 FREE

The Chester Blake

Consultant Authority Course

Value £299.99 FREE

Price You Pay: £97

Here’s all you need to do to get started with The Chester Blake Partnership Program V3 today…

Simply click the button below and you’ll be taken to our secure order form where you can claim this limited offer. It takes only a minute, and your information will be 100% secure.

Moments after you finish…

You’ll receive an email granting instant digital access to the members portal.

The video trainings, swipe file, templates and more will all be waiting for you in there,

With an easy to follow setup plan,

It’s as simple as that.

So if you’re eager to see how Chester Blake can help you bring in a stream of new leads and clients… Go ahead and sign up right away… But you must act fast because…

Seriously. Don’t be surprised if you return to this page a day or two from now and find we’ve doubled the price… or, more likely, locked it back in the vault where only our employees can get their hands on it.

So go ahead and click the button below and secure your spot while you can.

Okay, We’re at the Part Where You Have a Choice to Make…



You close out this page and carry on with your day.

You choose to ignore that nagging feeling that this could be the thing to finally bring some consistency to your life… 

And you try to forget everything I told you about how you can quickly become a recognized expert in your field… while your calendar fills with clients – week after week. 

If that’s what you really wanna do, power to you. 

But before you decide: consider this… 

For every day, week, month, and year you carry on without a reliable way to bring new money into your world… 

There are very real business owners out there NOT getting the help they need.

You know it and I know it. They’re out there RIGHT NOW waiting for you… and they’re willing to pay you handsomely for your help.

But unless you do your part to help guide them to the point where they invest with you, it’s likely going to go one of two ways…

They end up working with someone LESS EQUIPPED to serve them…
They get no help at all and are forced to live with the consequences of that.

That would be a huge disservice. 

But not just to them. 

But to yourself.

You have the keys. I’ve just shown you the way to glory. 

You deserve to start getting paid what your worth. And paid well. 

So why sell yourself short?

That Brings Us To…


You make a small but pivotal commitment to yourself and your future clients… and choose to give The Chester Blake Partnership Program V3 a shot.

You take the same frameworks, swipes and templates a smart group of consultants and agency owners are currently using to bring consistency and growth to their businesses…
And you plug it all into your own business.


  • Having control over your “opportunity pipeline” and being able to drum up new business in a flash
  • Charging what you’re worth and actually getting it… so you can finally earn the kind of money that deep down you knew you were capable of making
  • Getting on a call with a hot prospect and feeling completely relaxed knowing if it’s “not a fit” you’ve got 4 more calls for the day, and a bunch more tomorrow
  • Turning down “so-so” clients so you can make room for the ones you’re excited to work with
  • Instead of seeking clients out… they’re reaching out to you, to find how you can help them
  • Freeing up the hours each day that you used to dedicate to hunting new clients… and finally letting go of all the stress that came with it
  • Putting an end to the feast-or-famine roller-coasting and finally enjoying some consistency in your life…

So there’s no risk here.

All you need to do is say “yes” to this opportunity by clicking the button below and claiming your spot in The Chester Blake Partnership Program today.

Can’t wait for your success story to hit my inbox.

– Nick Wilson

P.S. – This is probably the craziest offer we’ve ever made…

Today you have the opportunity to start a recruitment business and get your hands on the same “organic” client acquisition framework our consultants rely on.

The Chester Blake Partnership Program V3 hands you a proven, step-by-step roadmap for starting your own recruitment business, attracting your dream prospects in droves. Winning them over. And getting them to work with you with more ease than ever before.

  • WITHOUT trying to figure this industry out on your own.
  • WITHOUT spending thousands on setting up your own business from scratch.
  • AND WITHOUT a boss (that you don’t like much)

And it’s available to you right now for a small payment of £97. 

Yep… You read that right!

So even if you only watch the first training (which on its own will put you miles ahead of the pack)…

And as a result, you land a new client…

That alone would make this the best £97 you spend all year.

Now of course, if you think £97 is too much to invest, you gotta ask yourself…

What are you really saying? That resolving your own struggles and hardships isn’t even worth the amount you’d spend on a dinner for four at a cheap restaurant?

That you’re willing to tolerate more of the same results you’ve been getting and the frustration of not knowing when your next cash windfall is going to appear?

But look… I don’t expect we’ll offer this deal for long.

Before now, the only way to get access to any of this was to invest £10k to work with us in our agency programs.

So there’s a good chance we’ll soon kick up the price (I’m thinking £1299)… or pull it from the market completely.

And if that wasn’t already enough reason to jump on this deal…

And to make this the easiest decision you’ve made all week — your purchase is backed by a lifetime money-back guarantee. Which means there’s literally zero risk. If you follow the plan exactly for 12 months and don’t even land one client (highly unlikely), we will refund this cost.

All you need to do is click the button below to get started right away.

Let’s Recap Everything You Get Today For The Crazy-Low Price Of £97

  • The Chester Blake Partnership Program V3 (Your own business, receive 65% commission from all client invoices)
  • Help and Support Setting Everything Up From Head Office
  • Business Email Address and Marketing Material
  • Legal Contracts and Client Signing Software
  • Access To The Consultant Community Platform
  • Outbound Email Marketing System
  • All of your invoicing, credit control and fee chasing done for you.

Plus #3 Bonuses


The Consultant Playbook E-book

Value £19.99 FREE


90-Day Action Blueprint

Value £27.00 FREE

The Chester Blake

Consultant Authority Course

Value £299.99 FREE

Plus: After 12 months of working with us, you automatically get enrolled in our profit sharing scheme which provides you with passive income every month! (without having to fill any placements)

Price You Pay: £97

Here’s all you need to do to get started with The Chester Blake Partnership Program V3 today…

Simply click the button below and you’ll be taken to our secure order form where you can claim this limited offer. It takes only a minute, and your information will be 100% secure.

Moments after you finish…

You’ll receive an email granting instant digital access to the members portal.

The video trainings, swipe file, templates and more will all be waiting for you in there.

It’s as simple as that.


Sign-up for our program and get started with your own business!


Become a recruitment consultant with us and follow our steps!


Act fast and get going as quickly as possible to start generating income!


Be willing to start from nothing and learn everything we know!


You will have the tools and knowledge to start reeling in new clients within days!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common questions we receive from our new recruitment consultants. If you have any other questions, please contact us.

YES! We love welcoming new people to the industry and full training/guidance will be given throughout your journey. We find that new people are generally better at following our systems because they haven’t picked up any bad habits from other recruitment agencies.

Recruitment can be very lucrative, there is no limit to what you can earn. Most of our recruitment consultants earn between £35k to £120K+ per year. The harder you work, the more you can earn! **On average we charge clients 25% of the first year’s salary for a permanent placement. For example – If you were advertising a job with a salary of £30K, We would charge the client 25% of £30K = £7,500 commission. Then you will receive £4,875 per placement. If you made 1-2 clients placements per month, this could provide a good income for you!

NO! By joining as one of our self-employed recruitment consultants, you will be working under the Chester Blake name and brand. All of our marketing material is designed and ready to use for your own purposes.

If you are interested in home-based jobs, starting your own business and becoming one of our independent recruitment consultants. You can sign up to get started today. After you have signed up, you will receive a welcome email within 24 hours explaining the set-up process and steps to follow. A link to our training will be provided for you to start at your own pace. In the welcome email, you will also have the chance to book a conference call with our team to welcome you, explain the set-up phase and answer any questions you may have.

We ask for a small one-off and monthly fee to cover your business set-up costs, software and training. By charging a small fee, this means we only attract serious people into our network and they will be able to grow their business more successfully and much faster.

Previous experience is a bonus, as you will understand the process and industry better however it is not essential as full training will be given. Our simple step-up steps are designed to walk you through the process slowly and confidently until you are totally up to speed and feel ready to book your first client. After doing this lots of times, we believe we have the most comprehensive system out there. All we ask is that you are committed, a team player, and want to grow your business to the maximum potential.

As all of your invoicing, credit control, and fee chasing is done for you. You will get paid as soon as your candidate starts and your client has paid our invoice. We understand cash flow is very important and we always invoice clients immediately after a successful placement, we then transfer funds immediately to your bank account and notify you that your payment is on it’s way!

No! However, when starting any new business, there are costs involved (training & software, tools) which include everything that you will need, so after the initial set-up, you are ready to go! You keep 65% of the fee from all invoices. You will have access to our training, marketing materials, including company brochures, stock pictures, and company social media sites to promote your recruitment activity and market presence to generate revenue. We do offer some paid additional services to grow your business faster but these are optional and are not needed to start generating revenue.

Yes, we have lots of consultants who started doing this part-time then switched over to full-time once their income from us passed their current income from their previous job. We always recommend starting full-time, but we understand that some people need the security of a regular paycheck, so starting part-time might be a good option for some people.

No, we work with clients and consultants worldwide and have consultants based in a variety of countries. This opportunity allows you to be based from home, in any country. We currently have consultants in the UK, USA, Germany, Spain, France.

We are passionate about what we do and have strong moral ethics in the way we like to conduct business, including the companies who act and operate as an independent recruitment consultancy businesses to us. All we ask? Is that you cover your small business expenses, training & software that you use! – Sound Fair Enough?

*Once we hit capacity, then we will only be able to take on employed consultants when spaces become available (which is not very often) Don’t miss your opportunity, spaces are filling up really quickly and we can only have a certain number of consultants in each area. Don’t lose your spot!

Our guarantee is – If you join today, follow everything in our plan for 12 months, do exactly what we tell you and if you fail to even get 1 client within 12 months (highly unlikely), then we will give you a full refund for the whole amount you paid for your training and software! Sound fair enough? Remember we don’t make any money also unless you do, so it’s in our best interest to help you as much as possible. Some of our clients can be worth over £7,000+ to us, so all you need is 1 client to make a decent profit.

Speed up all processes!

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