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How Does Someone Join Your Team!

Follow The Instructions Below:

For a new consultant to join your team that you have recruited, you must send them your unique Chester Blake affiliate link. This can be found in your affiliate dashboard above.

Thie dashboard looks like this:

Now Click Affiliate Tools Tab To Generate Your Link.

Under the Generate Links section, TYPE: /new-consultant

Press the Generate Link Button and it will generated your unique affiliate code. (See Below)

You can now copy the link and send it to your new consultant that wants to join. Or you can send it directly by pressing one of the social share buttons (See Below)

You MUST always use your link when signing up new consultants in your team, without it, head office will not be able to track and pay you your commissions.

If you experience any problems generating your link, please contact support.

Warning: Signing up consultants to join your team without using your link, will mean that you WILL be removed from the Chester Blake program indefinitely. All consultants working for Chester Blake must be signed up officially with head office and have an active account to remain a consultant member.

For Details Of How Your Commission Payments Are Worked Out – Please Read: Building Your Team – Chester Blake