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Successful recruitment agency building partnerships with clients, we have developed strong relationships and have a history of providing permanent, temporary and contract staff from trainee through all levels to the boardroom. We promise clients an ethical service respecting current legislation and best practice principles. Our success is based on providing real added value by identifying clients needs, establishing effective lines of communication and meeting our clients expectations.

Recruitment Agency in Bolton and Surrounding Area’s

Looking for recruitment agency in Bolton? There might be 100+ other recruitment agencies in Bolton but there’s only one Chester Blake Recruitment. Trying to find the best recruitment agency in Bolton can be a challenge, that’s why we have created something unique. Whether your looking a new job, need to advertise your vacancy or even join our team?

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Bolton Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Services in Bolton, Greater Manchester

What We Do?

Recruitment is in our DNA. So, whatever solution you’re looking for, whether it’s temporary sourcing, permanent hiring or payroll we’ve got it covered. If you need a bespoke solution built around your business needs or are looking for your next new role, click on the buttons below.

How We Do It?

We understand the sectors we work with, because we have worked with them for many years and each team has experienced consultants who recruit exclusively in their specialist field. Using AI technology to automatically shortlist candidates to match employers roles.

Why Use A Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment agencies are a great way to find qualified candidates for jobs. Agencies can help with everything from posting the job vacancy, screening applicants and forwarding resumes to hiring managers on behalf of clients based upon their needs, conducting interviews with potential employees before sending them over in order to be selected by employers, all while charging a rate that is often lower than what it would cost if you were doing this process yourself. Some people might wonder whether or not recruitment agencies are worth using time and money when they could do these tasks themselves without any assistance whatsoever – but there’s no denying how helpful recruiting firms really are!

Recruitment Agency Services

Bolton Recruitment Agency – Chester Blake is a leading recruitment agency that offers the best services around Manchester to clients and candidates. We have been serving both for many years now and we are proud of our reputation. Contact us today!

Industries covered:

  • Accounting & Finance
  • Administration
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Construction
  • Creative / Design
  • Call Centre / Customer Service
  • Driving
  • Engineering
  • Executive / Management
  • Financial Services
  • Health & Safety
  • Personnel / HR, Insurance
  • IT
  • Logistics, Manufacturing / Production
  • Marketing / PR
  • Purchasing
  • Retail
  • Sales
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy / Renewable Energy
  • FMCG

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Why we think Chester Blake is one of the best Bolton Recruitment Agency?

Finding the right candidate is about more than matching skills. It’s about finding people who share your vision. Here at Chester Blake Recruitment, we understand your talent needs and we will design a perfect solution for you!

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More Information About Bolton

The town of Bolton is located in Greater Manchester, North West England. It has a long and rich history that dates back centuries ago when it was originally created as an industrial city with the arrival of Flemish weavers who introduced the woollen-cotton weaving tradition to this region.

For centuries, the textile industry in Bolton has thrived and provided a strong economic backbone for its people. As early as 1785 when cotton manufacturing was introduced into town by John Slater, need of workers grew exponentially to meet demand. Throughout this time period from 1819 till 1929 there were 216 cotton mills built alongside 26 bleachworks and dye houses that allowed it to be one of the largest producers during World War I with an annual output exceeding 1 million yards per day!

During the Industrial Revolution or “Industrial Age” (1760s-early 1900s), new technologies such as power looms made factory production more efficient than home based work; leading many families like mine who depended on weaving at home turn their skills towards mill jobs instead.

Employment statistics These reports give a picture of the Bolton economy

Bolton, Greater Manchester

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Our policy contains important information about your personal rights to privacy under this new law which comes into effect on 25th May 2018. Please read it carefully to understand how we use your personal data. We may update this Policy from time to time without notice to you, so please check it regularly.

The provision of your personal data to us is voluntary. However, without providing us with your personal data, we will be unable to actively look for employment opportunities for you and speak with our clients on your behalf.

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